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  • What do you mean by "handmade""
    All of my products (unless noted) are created with extensive hand work. Now, I am not chiseling each titanium tool out of raw stock, that would not be realistic. That being said, all of the pry tips are hand ground, the edges are all free hand chamfered on a slack belt. My knife blades are all hand ground and the handle scales are fitted and shaped by hand using a Foredom rotary tool and grinding belts.
  • What materials do you work with?
    The list of materials that I have used over the past few years is quite extensive. Everythnig from simple brass to a piece of Campo de Cielo meteorite. I try to incorporate exotic and rare materials into my work whenever it makes sense. The vast majority of my pocket tools are made from 6al4v titanium, but I also use copper, bronze, Mokuti and Zircuti. My knife blades are typically modern cutlery steels (Nitro V, Magnacut, CPM S90V) and the handle scales are mosty Micarta or G10. I always list the specific material used for each product in the product description when they are posted to my store page.
  • Where do you buy your supplies?
    I like to find retailers that are customer oriented and stick with them. I don't typically spend hours searching for "deals". A few retailers that have proven themselves time and time again are Alpha Knife Supply, Nichols Damascus, McMaster-Carr and Makers Material Supply. I use Spectrum Energetics, AM Precision and Allcut Waterjet for all of my "production" and waterjet cutting work.
  • What is the Bandicoot Brotherhood?
    The Bandicoot Brotherhood is an exclusive club that customers can sign up for. Once or twice per year I will "open the signup" and have 5-10 more members join the club. Getting into the club is as simple as being at your computer at the right time when the email / IG post is sent out that I am taking new members. Membership cost is $50 usd but lasts a lifetime. That price gets you lifetime membership to the "Brotherhood", a custom copper tag with your choice of a 3 digit membership number stamped into it and access to the Brotherhood only page of this website where there are exclusive deals, products and discount codes.
  • How do you ship orders?
    I ship all orders via Canada Post or UPS. If shipped via Canada Post, it will be taken over by your national post carrier when it arrives in your country (ie orders to the United States start with Canada Post and are delivered to American customers by USPS) I do all packing and shipping myself so please be patient as occasionally it takes me a few days to get everything out the door!
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