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I have been crafting and selling gear since 2012.  I am very proud of the customer base that I have created which includes both one time customers as well as a select few that are avid collectors of my gear.  Whether you spend $50 or $500, all of my customers are treated the same and I am here to answer any and all questions.  Just use the contact box to send me an email with any questions or concerns.


I am always interested in talking to websites or brick and mortar stores that are interested in my products. I am quite selective with who I choose to partner with.  J. Woytaz Knives is the definition of "quality over quantity" so it's not like there are boxes of knives or pocket tools just sitting around.  That being said feel free to get in touch and we can go from there.


This website is hosted by WIX on secure servers.  All of your information is protected.  The only person who sees your address, contact or order information is me (and maybe my dog Remington if he's in my office)


We are currently set up to accept payments via PayPal​

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